About Us

Larry and Lori Hill

We have been married since August 18, 1984, have three children, and live in Rocklin, California. We have grown closer together year after year. We praise God for the "cord of three strands" that He has given us. We are members of Bayside Covenant Church, Granite Bay, CA. We have a passion to see marriages thrive, as God intended. We have grown in our marriage even through a difficult four-year period of financial hardship.

We are business owners (see www.calproresearch.com) and we feel it is our ministry to provide Thriving Marriages at no charge to couples and churches who use this website. Thriving Marriages is a member of the International Association of Ministries and Ministers.

Are you a pastor? If so, we'd like to help your church...

We are pleased to announce the launch of Thriving Marriages and would like to invite your church's married couples to visit the site. There is an online marital health survey, resources, and stories of hope. As couples complete the survey, we are willing to compile much needed information on the marital health of couples who go to your church and provide that summary information to your church leadership.

The couples who complete the survey will have the benefit of completing a process that helps them assess the health of their marriage and encourages them to work on their marriage to improve their relationship, commitment and communication. The Stories of Hope section exists to encourage couples that are struggling to stay focused on working through issues in order to thrive. The resources segment of the site has recommended books to help strengthen marriages. There is also a link to eHarmony|Marriage, which has a fantastic twelve week program that couples can go through together in the privacy of their own home.

If you would like to learn the state of marriages in your church, then please contact us. We'll add your church to the possible choices on the marital health survey and compile a report for you once a significant number have completed the survey from your church. This is our ministry and we do not charge for this service.

After you have signed up with us, then simply put a message like the one below in your bulletin or church email blast:

You tune up your car...
You get your teeth checked...
Have you tuned-up your marriage recently?

[your church name] would like to invite you to take a confidential survey about marriage. There is no cost to you and the survey is completely anonymous. At the end of the survey you will get a marital health score as well as be directed to Resources and Stories of Hope. Our hope and prayer is that you will use this tool as a way to "tune-up your marriage" and keep growing closer to each other.

Here at [your church name] we really care about marriages. By taking this survey you will also be helping us get a good understanding of the needs that married couples have. This will help us better plan our Marriage Ministries.

Please take a few minutes and complete the survey by visiting: www.thrivingmarriages.org/yourchurch

May God richly bless your marriage!