Marriage Survey

We know that marriage takes work and quite often it is a struggle. You may be newly married or maybe you have been married for over fifty years. Either way, we hope you will agree with us that marriage is worth the effort.

This survey takes 10 to 15 minutes and provides an opportunity for you to grow. Please take the survey by yourself and encourage your spouse to do the same. You and your spouse may choose to discuss your answers after you are done. We have created a Discussion Guide to help you talk about your answers with the goal of strengthening your marriage. Again, discussing your answers with your spouse is optional.

*** We are sorry! But this survey is offline for a few months while we make improvements to our system. Please come back at a later time. Thanks! God Bless you! ***

Marriage Tune-Up

1. Take the survey by yourself when you can focus uninterrupted. (The link is at the bottom of this page.)
2. Write down your score.
3. Print the Discussion Guide that is available on the last page of the survey.
4. Ask your spouse to take the survey when they can focus uninterrupted.
5. Ask your spouse to write down their score.
6. Follow the directions in the Discussion Guide.
7. Relax and have fun. Consider this exercise a “marriage tune-up”

May God richly bless your marriage!